Travel Talk|2024/04/03

Picking up a passenger from Toronto Pearson International Airport?  Read This!!

Pearson International Airport is a busy airport. With 3 airport terminals that serve Toronto and surrounding areas, there are times when you’re going to have to pick up a family member or friend or even a group of people from the airport. You can park your car, and pay an expensive parking fee or plan with the people whom you’re picking up for a call once they have claimed their luggage and passed through customs.

The plan to execute a safe and reliable Stop, Pickup and Drive plan at Toronto Pearson Airport requires some simple steps. Your passengers should know that you will be safely nearby, just 2-3 minutes away awaiting their phone call or message. They should message you after they pickup their baggage and clear customs. If possible, they could text you as they proceed through pickup and customs but and they may experience delays but once they are clear, they can proceed outside the airport terminal to the road. Each area is clearly marked with letters alongside the road. Have your passengers send you a text message or phone call to indicate where they will be standing for their pick up.

Step one, before heading to the airport, visit Toronto Pearson Airport website ( ) and make sure the flight is on time!  In some cases, you might want to even wait until the flight has landed before making your way to airport to save you time!

Step two: You’re en route to the airport and awaiting the call. Head to the Cell Phone Waiting Area! This area is located within the airport premises, just minutes from the three terminals. Reaching the cell phone waiting area is the safest way to avoid any hazards and potential parking tickets. Toronto Pearson Airport is enforcing illegal parking alongside the highway, ramps, and in front of the terminal, leading to parking tickets. There are parking signs everywhere so it’s best to make your way to the waiting area. Instructions on how to reach the cell phone waiting area are as follows: Here is a Google Maps to the area! – Google Maps or link to the Toronto Pearson cell phone waiting area webpage.

Hot tip. If you enter any of the three airport terminal areas and proceed through the Arrivals area of the terminal, there will be signs to direct you to the cell phone waiting area. Don’t wait anywhere else except the cell phone waiting area.  

Step three: Your passengers send you a message to tell you which zone they are standing in outside the airport terminal, and you reply that you will be there in 2-3 minutes. You start and proceed to the arrivals area of the correct terminal. It could be busy, and parking will be hectic, but find your passengers, quickly jump out of the car and help load the baggage and your passengers in the vehicle. You should be able to execute the Stop, Pickup and Drive in less than 1 minute. Save the hugs for later.

Be safe!