From the southern snow-covered tip of Patagonia to the dry Atacama Desert in the north, Chile has something for everyone. Wilderness explorers and adventure travellers will love taking a cruise through the Chilean fjords and visiting famed Easter Island. Star-gazers will be awed by the observatories in the northern deserts. In between, cities worth visiting include the UNESCO World Heritage city, Valparaiso, with its colourful homes perched over the harbour. Beach lovers will want to spend some time at Vina del Mar or go a little further north for another beach town, La Serena. From La Serena, you can take a day trip into the desert to get a feel for the Andes and get a taste of Pisco harvested in vineyards in this region.

Must See

Atacama Desert

Whether you’re into stargazing or a galaxy savant, the Atacama Desert, the driest desert on earth, is the perfect place to gaze and ponder at the stars and planets in the galaxy above. Make sure to visit Equi Valley, the world’s first International Dark Sanctuary.


This breathtaking region promises to astound you with its wild and boundless beauty. The Torres Del Paine National Park is a great place to see Grey Lake, an international biosphere reserve made up of floating icebergs; the General Carrera Lake, at the heart of Patagonia, is the optimal place to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Marble Caves (Capillas de Mármol); or kayak along the Magellan Straits to see the penguins.

Easter Island

This remote volcanic island is a famed archaeological site consisting of over 900 monumental statues called moai, which look like oversized heads.

Must Do


Due to the influence of various visitors and its proximity to the sea, Chile is a country with excellent food options. The options are endless in the capital of Santiago, but don’t forget to enjoy the spectacular view from any of Valparaiso’s restaurants looking down at the port city.

Hot Springs

Take a break from your explorations to any of the hot springs scattered all over Chile. If you need to completely disconnect, the magnesium-rich hot springs at San Pedro de Atacama are rumoured to have healing powers.

Sailing through Patagonia

Sail through Patagonia to see the many glaciers, fjords, and archipelagos. You might even want to extend the cruise to nearby Antarctica.

When To Go

The warmest season is between October and April.

Avoid visiting between June and August when most attractions close. Bring layers and a windbreaker, regardless of what month you visit, to prepare for Patagonia’s year-round winds.
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