Caribbean / Mexico

Surrounded by coral reef, turquoise seas and tropical winds, head to the Caribbean and Mexico for the perfect beach holiday.

From Aruba to Mexico, expect endless options for all-inclusive luxury on the best beaches. No two destinations are the same.

If you are planning family vacation or a romantic getaway for two, we can help get you there. Polo Travel consultants have the expertise to book your dream vacation – for any budget.

Surrounded by coral reef in the Caribbean, Antigua is a paradise of sandy beaches and secluded coves.LEARN MORE

Idyllic white sand beaches and year-round balmy temperatures make Aruba a repeat favourite for vacationers. At only 20 miles long, it's easy to explore by bike or moped. With a rich history and culture and a strong Dutch-influence, Aruba is a fascinating island to visit. LEARN MORE

The sunshine bathed string of some 700 islands that make up the Bahamas is a fabulous place to head for a vacation. There are hundreds of secluded white-sand beaches, each fringed by turquoise ocean that serves up fabulous snorkelling and diving opportunitiesLEARN MORE

Steeped in history, with charming small towns and dozens of blissful beaches, it's no wonder many travellers return again and again to Barbados. A destination for all ages.LEARN MORE

A former British colony, tucked between Guatemala and Mexico, the entire east coast of Belize is on the stunning Caribbean Sea.LEARN MORE

Cherishing the amazing diversity of the country's climates, Costa Rica was one of the first countries to take eco-tourism seriously. You are able to visit tourist sites of rainforests, volcanos, beaches and moreLEARN MORE

An incredible mix of beaches, countryside, mountains and tropical flora help create the stunning beauty of Cuba. Add in Cuba's blend of diverse cultures, rich history, fantastic architecture, warm and welcoming locals and you are sure to be charmed. LEARN MORE

Abundant in manmade and natural beauty, Dominican Republic warmly invites all visitors wishing to discover its rich cultural history with its colonial districts as well as its heritage of nature scattered among the mountains, the beaches and the valleysLEARN MORE

Become enchanted by the rich culture and beauty, lush tropical forests, mountains, beaches and waterfalls, and every tropical fruit imaginable.LEARN MORE

Mexico offers more than kilometres of beautiful beaches, with crystal clear waters and pristine sands, stretching across four main bodies of water. LEARN MORE

Also know as Saint Maarten, this small 87 square kilometre island is split between two countries – the north half owned by the French (St. Martin) and the south by the Dutch (Saint Maarten).LEARN MORE

Turks and Caicos consists of 40 islands in the Atlantic, with only 8 of them being inhabited. Providenciales and Grand Turks are the biggest islands, with both having international airports. The main attractions are sun, sand and the sea, making Turks and Caicos the perfect getaway. LEARN MORE