When it comes to travelling in Europe, expect old-world charm, cobble-stoned streets, and top culinary and cultural experiences.

If you’re looking for the best cities to visit, destinations like Rome, London, Paris and Barcelona should be high on your list. Europe is the kind of place best seen from your bike or as you walk and explore – or even from a luxury European cruise on legendary routes along the Rhine or Danube.

Polo Travel specializes in travel in Europe; our travel consultants have inside knowledge and expertise when it comes to planning vacations, booking flights, hotels and cars in countries like Italy, Greece and Spain.


Home to old world architecture, romantic cobble-stone streets, buttered croissants, endless cultural hotspots and French cuisine, France is bound to delight any kind of traveller. LEARN MORE

Explore the castles of the Rhineland, the Cologne Cathedral, the brewery and medieval history of Bavaria, or the cultural and musical diversity of Berlin. LEARN MORE

Explore and enjoy Greece's numerous ancient sights, the idyllic beaches of the islands, the towering mountain ranges, and the olive orchards in the south – there’s something for everyone!LEARN MORE

Rome, Florence, and Venice are just a few of the spectacular cities to visit in the Italy. LEARN MORE

From its canals to world-famous museums and historic sights, Amsterdam in the Netherlands is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe.LEARN MORE

Spain is a beautiful, interesting, and dynamic country with a lot of regional uniqueness and variety. Madrid and Barcelona are hip and energetic cities, Granada has a Moorish touch, Basque Country up north contrast itself to Southern living.LEARN MORE

See the stunning Blue Mosque, become enchanted by the Aya Sofya, cruise the gorgeous shoreline of the Bosporus, shop the Grand Bazaar, jet to the vacation town of Antalya and rejuvenate in a luxurious Turkish bath.LEARN MORE

As one of the most identifiable cities with famous monuments and attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster Abbey and double-decker buses, there is lots to see and do in London.LEARN MORE

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