Home to old world architecture, romantic cobble-stone streets, buttered croissants, endless cultural hotspots and French cuisine, France is bound to delight any kind of traveller. Located between the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, France boasts of some of the world’s best landmark monuments and is also considered to be a gastronomical paradise by world travellers. A melting pot of diverse cultures, France prides itself on being the fashion capital of the world.

Must See


Notre-Dame de Paris is an architectural spectre. Carved in stone and standing tall for 850 years now, Notre-Dame is a home to Our Lady of Paris. One of the most revered worship places, it’s one marvel one mustn’t miss while in Paris. Due to the massive fire at the Cathedral de Notre-Dame, the monument is closed for public until further notice.

Eiffel Tower

Of course, there is the Eiffel Tower, a crowd-puller for the hopeless romantics. A symbol of France and a popular tourist spot, this Iron Lady is brought back in the form of souvenirs by everyone.

Mont Blanc

For adventure seekers, Mont Blanc in the Alps offers adrenaline rush in forms of activities like skiing, mountaineering, and hiking. The place has serene resorts for those wanting to relax in nature.

Must Do


If you are the museum-loving kind, France has a myriad of options for you to choose from – Marseille, Lyon, and Louvre.


France is also home to some of the world’s best vineyards, so wine-tasting sessions in the Loire Valley or Rhone region should be definitely on your to-do list.


Don’t miss out on witnessing the global fashion scene unfold in Paris and Milan or to visit art galleries that are in abundance across the country.

When To Go

France is blessed with all four seasons and a landscape that is replete with beaches, forests, mountains, and flatlands. Although a temperate climate, France offers four climate variations: Dry and dreary Mediterranean climate in Provence and Corsica from October to April; Moderate oceanic climate along coastal places like Normandy, Loire Valley, and Brittany throughout the year; Extreme temperatures in Burgundy and Champagne; And snow for at least half a year in the Alps.

Insider's Tip

Take the Train à Grande Vitesse (TGV) to explore France and neighbouring countries like London, Geneva, Barcelona, Milan, and many more. You could also buy a Eurail pass to plan a pan-Europe trip.

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