St Martin

Also know as Saint Maarten, this small 87 square kilometre island is split between two countries – the north half owned by the French (St. Martin) and the south by the Dutch (Saint Maarten). Mount Concordia sits in the centre of the island and acts as a border. The island is a wonderful mix of laid back beach life and European flair. Take note – most of the beaches are clothing optional.

Must See

Dawn Beach (St. Maarten)

If you've stayed up all night at one of the many nightclubs or casinos, head to Dawn Beach before going to bed. Known for its amazing sunrises and clear blue waters, a visit to Dawn Beach is a great way to end, or start, a day.

Pic Paradis (St. Martin)

Travel by car or taxi 1,492 feet up the mountain for a wondrous view of St. Martin/Saint Maarten and the surrounding islands of Anguilla, Saba and St. Eustatius

Explore Grand Case (St. Martin)

A small beach town, Grand Case is considered the gourmet capital of St. Martin. It is also home to Mardis de Grand Case, starting on the second Tuesday of January and running every Tuesday for 12 weeks. The main street is overtaken with a large craft market as well as musicians, dancers, acrobats and a carnival parade.

Must Do


Watch the sunset at Cupecoy Beach (St.Maarten): A set of three beaches, set amongst limestone cliffs, the sunsets here are spectacular.


Front Street on St. Maarten is home to the best duty-free shopping on the island. Don't forget to take home some Guavaberry Liqueur, an island speciality.

When To Go

The climate is tropical, hot and sunny all year round. Average temperatures are from 25-28C.

Visit Pinel Island (St Martin): In the heart of St. Martin's Marine Reserve, this is where the locals go to relax. With a few charming restaurants and idyllic swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing, it makes for a perfect day.
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