A former British colony, tucked between Guatemala and Mexico, the entire east coast of Belize is on the stunning Caribbean Sea.

Adventure of every kind awaits in Belize – Mayan ruins, national parks and nature reserves, tropical jungles, fishing, swimming, snorkelling and diving. Belize is also a bird watchers paradise with several designated bird sanctuaries.

Previously a well-kept secret, Belize has been gaining popularity as a vacation destination.

Must See

Mayan Ruins

Once home to more than two million Mayans, Belize is a wonderland of Mayan ruins. Tours from Belize City offer trips by boat or highway to the ruins of Altun Ha, with exciting wildlife sight-seeing along the way. Altun Ha was both a ceremonial and trade centre for the Mayans. The largest of the temples is an impressive 16 metres high.

Barton Creek Cave

Travel by canoe on a meandering river flowing through beautiful cathedral -like chambers. Close to the town of San Ignaco, the Barton Creek Cave was once a Mayan ceremonial cave.

Must Do

Scuba dive

Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world, as well as hundreds of small islands. Whether you want to see the Caribbean from above, on a boat, or from below, snorkelling, swimming or diving, its warm waters will provide much delight and wonder.

Hit the town

Visit one of the many bars and nightclubs in Belize to enjoy the distinctly Afro-Caribbean rhythms of Punta music. While you're there, try the locally distilled One Barrel Rum or Belikin, the national beer. The logo for Belikin beer is a drawing of the Altun Ha ruins

Eat local

Enjoy freshly caught seafood along the coast and try the panades (fried corn shells with beans or fish).

Belizeans are very friendly and informal in greeting one another, so don't be shy. A wave or a head nod is acceptable when passing someone on the street.

When To Go

The best time is during the dry season from November to May. Average temperatures are 22-27C.

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Underwater adventures in Belize
Underwater Adventures in Belize

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