Costa Rica

Cherishing the amazing diversity of the country’s climates, Costa Rica was one of the first countries to take eco-tourism seriously. As a result, you are able to visit tourist sites of rainforests, volcanos, beaches, hot springs and nature reserves that are well-established and well-taken care of. The end result is an enjoyable, educational and amazing trip.

Be aware though that, because of the varied climates, the terrain of Costa Rica is also diverse. A four-wheel drive, or vehicles driven by a guide, are crucial if you’re visiting inland at all. Though they may seem crazy (90 minutes to go 30km is one extreme example) trust the travel times you find online or are told by locals or travel guides.

Places to Visit in Costa Rica

When To Go

Hot and humid in the rainforest and on the Caribbean side, dry and hot on the Pacific side - the common denominator is hot. The temperature drops as you climb the mountains inland. On the coast, the temperature average is 30C, with 20C further inland and as low as 10C in the mountains.

Costa Rica's tap water is drinkable and considered quite safe. A nice relief from having to carry and purchase water bottles, as required in other countries.
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