The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is a traveller’s paradise. Alive with rich culture and beauty, lush tropical forests, mountains, beaches and waterfalls, Jamaica is a land of enchantment.

Enjoy every tropical fruit imaginable, and some you didn’t know existed, like the custard apple, which is generally considered too fragile to export. Pack your day with diving, snorkelling, bird watching, horse back riding, sailing, hiking, or enjoy the glorious beaches and warm Caribbean waters. 

Watch The Sunrise:

Watching the sunrise at any of the beaches of Jamaica is a spectacular sight. But for a truly magical vista, visit one of the fishing beaches – Whitehouse or Black River. Sitting on the beach, watching the sunrise while the fisherman head out to sea is blissful and a memory you won't soon forget.

Don't Miss:

Taste Local Cuisine:

Ital is the food and cooking of Rastafari, a fairly young religion based in Jamaica. Plant-based, fresh, unprocessed and often organic, it is some of the best food around. Stop in at a local Ital shop for fresh juices, veggie burgers, stews and soups. You won't be disappointed.

When To Go

A tropical paradise with average temperatures ranging from 25-29°C, Jamaica is a wonderful year-round destination.

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