Surrounded by coral reef in the Caribbean, Antigua is a paradise of sandy beaches and secluded coves. The flat lands, combined with gently rolling hills and a warm climate provide for lush vegetation. Banana, mango and coconut groves are common sights in the countryside.

Must See

Devil's Bridge

Centuries of waves crashing against the reef carved out this impressive limestone arch. Situated at the meeting point of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Devil's Bridge is a marvel of the natural world with a breathtaking view.

Betty's Hope

Built in 1674, Betty's Hope was the first and largest sugar plantations on the island. No longer a working mill, most of the plantation is in ruins. With a visitor's museum and plenty of plaques explaining the history of the site, you can visit with or without a local guide. The site also offers photo worthy views of Pares Village below.

Must Do

Visit Nelson's Dockyard National Park

The beautifully restored Dockyard was the home of the British fleet during the Napoleonic Wars. With a museum, cafes, shops and a marina, there is plenty to see and do. Historic forts are a hike away or head up to Shirley's Heights for a spectacular vista. It takes more than one day if you want to see everything, so plan your time wisely.

East Local

Rich and flavourful seasoning is the hallmark of the West Indian cuisine found on Antigua. The national dish of Pepperpot – a hearty stew comprised of salt beef, pork, pumpkin, vegetables and spices – is usually accompanied by fungee, made from cornmeal and okra.


With over 300 beaches and coves, there is an abundance of soft, sugar crystal sand beaches to choose from. Whether you want an active party beach, absolute solitude or something in between, there's sure to be a beach for you.

When To Go

With average temperature of 25-28C, you can visit Antigua year round. May to November is considered the off-season, with cheaper rates.

Visit St. John's Saturday Morning Market: Head to Market Street in St. John's. Vendors come from all over the island to sell their wares. A great place to purchase locally made souvenirs and crafts, as well as spices and produce. Freshly prepared food can also be bought, so you won't go hungry. Try the Antiguan black pineapple.
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