The sunshine bathed string of some 700 islands that make up the Bahamas is a fabulous place to head for a vacation. There are hundreds of secluded white-sand beaches, each fringed by turquoise ocean that serves up fabulous snorkelling and diving opportunities. Different islands in the Bahamas offer varied experiences – you’ll find golf, a casino, and plenty of shops and bars in busy Nassau, and on other islands there’s nothing to do but chill on the sands, immerse yourself in the natural beauty, and maybe swim a little.

There’s still evidence of the British colonial influence on the islands, and you can visit quaint colonial villages and ex-cotton plantations if you want to delve into the history of the region, but these days the overall vibe here is Caribbean chill. Bahamians are friendly and welcoming, which is why so many people chose to return year after year to this beautiful destination.

Must See

Nassau, capital of the Bahamas:

Go there to see colonial mansions, fortresses, and two cathedrals. You’ll also find nightlife, shopping, and casinos.

Thunderball Grotto

There are tons of incredible diving and snorkelling spots throughout the Bahamas, but this one, located close to Staniel Cay in the Exumas district of the Bahamas, is stunning. Scenes from the James Bond movie Thunderball, and mermaid movie Splash were filmed in the hollow cave there.

Hermitage Estate on Little Exuma

Head here to explore ruins of an old cotton plantation and tombs belonging to the original settlers.

Must Do

Swim with wild pigs

There are many incredible beaches in the Bahamas, but if you take a boat trip from Staniel Cay there’s one where you cam swim with tourist-loving wild pigs! Definitely one for the bucket list.

Shop local

Love taking something handmade home from your vacations? Barter with local vendors for Bahamian handicrafts at the historic Straw Market in Nassau.

Dance the night away

You’ll find traditional Bahamian Goombay music (accompanied by a saw) or calypso at one of the islands’ many beach bars or nightclubs in Nassau.

When to go

High season for the Bahamas is November through April. Summers there are warm and wet, as hurricane season runs from July through October.

Try the Bahamian breakfast at Zorbas Greek Restaurant (which has great Greek and local food) at Freeport on Grand Bahama Island, and order the boiled fish and stewed conch.

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