Dominican Republic


Cabarete, a town in the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic, is noted for its tourism and beautiful beaches. A small, laid-back Caribbean beach village, located only 20 minutes away from the Puerto Plata International Airport on the northern shore of the Dominican Republic, it’s a perfect tropical vacation spot. With its charming, hip ambience and a combination of relaxed and adventurous lifestyles, most visitors can barely resist the spontaneous temptation of extending their stay.

Must See

La Isabela: believed to be the first permanent settlement built by Christopher Columbus on his maiden voyage in 1492, the ruins of the town are now a historical point of interest and are located on the north shore of the Dominican Republic, at the base of Cape Isabela.

Fort San Felipe: tour the oldest fort in the New World that took 33 years to complete and is virtually impenetrable. Among its rich history, during Trujillo’s rule, Fort San Felipe was used as a prison.

Isabel de Torres: Cabarete is backed by the majestic mountain called Isabel de Torres, bathed in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the major northern port of the country, and the surrounding region contains the largest deposits of amber in the world. Be sure to bring a keepsake from this memorable place home.

Must Do

Visit the past – the museum of Taino civilisation and the Templo de las Américas is a must when visiting this region. Given the region also contains amber, be sure to stop in the Amber Museum, featuring leaves, flowers, insects and reptile fossils trapped in amber (resin) pieces.

Sample local treasures – make time to visit the Brugal Rum Distillery, which offers guided tours of how their rum is made, the bottling process of this premium rum as well as its family history. Enjoy the tasting room and take a bottle home to share with friends.

Enjoy renowned windsurfing – Cabarete offers many recreational activities, particularly water sports such as kayaking, sailboating, power boating, skiing and Jet Skis. Cabarete has one of the world’s 10 best windsurfing beaches and hosts the spectacular World Windsurfing Championship, followed by the Cabarete Race Week, the world competition of amateur windsurfers where there are no professionals.

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